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This sleek Lomographic camera will re-cast your world with a gorgeous riot of color. Its patented colorwheel system puts several tinted flash filters at your finger tips for instant selection; with an additional 9 filters included to exchange. Just select your color, put it in front of your flash, and fire a burst of colored light at your subject! Long exposure capability creates dreamy streaked backgrounds behind crisp, color-flashed foregrounds.


I am consolidating all my websites to one domain DAVID23.COM.

This site is now located at

Lunchtime Lomography

My Book Lunchtime Lomography

My Lomography Book, Lunchtime Lomography is Now Available on Amazon

Moby Splash, originally uploaded by David 23.

A Train, originally uploaded by David 23.

Sky Chakra, originally uploaded by David 23.

3 pigeons, originally uploaded by David 23.