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So you are asking yourself “What is this freakin’ blog?”

Well it is my new photo blog. My old blog is simply daily pictures of me from my cellphone camera. This blog is different. Don’t get me wrong it’s just as pointless but, hopefully more fun to look at. All I am doing here is posting my favorite pictures from my Flickr account.

I am currently obsessed with “Lomography” and “Toy Cameras”. Not for the the hipster street cred but for the ethos. I have always liked taking pictures. Just snapping away at whatever catches my eye and these toy cameras have brought that back to me.

I’ll write more and clean this up later but for now hopefully you get the idea.

Oh also if you click on an image in this blog you will be taken to the Flickr page for that image. This will give you access to all my photos which are free to use and abuse as you see fit.

Later Gators
– David 23

Stencil Version of Me

Stencil Version of Me

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